Title: Air Boat
Medium: Makerboat Replicator 2, PLA Filament
Year: 2015
Cults3D Page


This project came to mind after moving into Chicago for the first time. I noticed there's not much plant life especially within student dormatories. To compensate, I did some research and discovered air-plants which are essentially low maintinence plants that anybody can have. You only have to water them once a week and they are extremely durable and require no soil.

To cut off even more steps, I designed a boat that would float above any bowl of water so when it is time to water your air-plants, simply place the plants in the water then back onto the boat to dry. Allowing people working at desk jobs to water their plants without getting out of their seat.

PLA filament was my choice due to the medium being bio–degradable and essentially approachable for anybody who has the STL file and access to a 3D printer, any scraps or broken pieces can just be recycled back into filament. 3D prints also give off this sense of contemporary products found in name brand stores such as Target, which was an aesthetic that I was going towards in designing the boats. The air-plants are forms created from nature, the 3D prints are artificial forms created from humans, and the wooden bowl is an exchanged of artificial and natural structures, serving as a large vessel holding the 3D printed boats and airplants completing the relationship within each medium.