Medium: Panasonic Cassette Player and MAXELL Cassette Tape
Year: 2015


COMPACT is an interactive game installation utilizing the analog functions of a cassette tape player. The player will sit down on one of the red chairs across from the person who will guide you through the game. You have the choice in how the narrative unfolds and the outcomes of the protagonist.

You'll listen to recorded audio from a cassette tape that describes the current story you are in. When the narrator commands you to press the cue button (fast forward), you must press the button on time in order to skip over the fail state and only hear the win state. If the player presses the button too lightly or too slow, you will hear the fail state and your guide will assist you in rewinding to the last checkpoint. Any other choices the player is given will be exploited once YOU the listener decides to actually play the game and find out...

Visual representation of how COMPACT was recorded on a cassette tape.

Side A Start -----"Quickly! Press the cue button to open the door"--"Oh no you failed!"--"Oh hey! You won!"----- Side A End

Any questions feel free to ask your guide who will be sitting across from you the whole time you play the game. Feel free to laugh, cry, or react in any way you choose during the performance.

Music used:
Ray Barbee