Medium: Makerboat Replicator 2, PLA Filament
Year: 2015


No matter how much the enviroments change within the city of Chicago, the people seem to always function the same way.

A figurative sculpture takes many forms, one being human constructed architecture. From the shapes of chairs to the negative space surrounding a room, these visual elements represent the fabrication of a figurative sculpture. These everyday structures are built for humans and thus is a figure in itself. The "humans" represented within the 3D printed object represents an ambiguous contrast on whether or not these figures are in fact human or actually built structures.

This piece involves audience participation. There are four enviromental pieces and one origin piece. The origin piece being the square with multiple minitature stilts all with the same height. The origin is constructed in a way where the empty spaces of the environmental pieces fit directly over the stilts, signifying a puzzle like function. Though the stilts remain static, the environment around them changes based on audience interaction.