Title: #speakerphone
Medium: Mixed Media
Year: 2015


Working with node.js and much much help from many people such as Nick Briz & Daniel Shiffman, I was able to figure out how to use the Twitter API for the first time!

#speakerphone is a small box that searches for a new tweet every 75 seconds that contains the word "problem." #speakerphone will then read the tweet out-loud along with the date and time in which the tweet was made. The tweet will then be scanned, counting out any terms specified within its array. The terms in which #speakerphone will be looking ofr is based solely on user input, some terms include Donald Trump, perfection, and male as well as female. Once the terms are found, #speakerphone will tally up how many times these terms have been referenced compared to the ammount of tweets read.
Whether #speakerphone is left on for 5 minutes or 5 months, viewers would be able to keep data for what current twitter users are having problems with during that time in which #speakerphone was left on.